Boost customer lifetime value with β€˜Announcements’‍ πŸš€

Customer lifetime value plays a crucial role in the success of your business. There are several factors that can increase your customer's lifetime value, including building a strong relationship and offering upsell and cross-sell options. To leverage these factors effectively, mobile apps are essential as they provide instant access to your studio.

Recognizing the importance of mobile apps, we have launched 'Announcements'! With this feature, you can harness the potential of your mobile app to reach your customers with the right message at the right time. 'Announcements' include detailed cards, banners, and notifications.

  1. Detailed Cards are useful for making major announcements that require context and specific information. They are ideal for informing clients about new studio locations, upcoming events, competitions, new trainers, products, and planned get-togethers. Catchy design is crucial for detailed cards to quickly engage clients with visual and textual information.

  1. Banners, on the other hand, are effective for time-sensitive announcements that need a wide reach. They are ideal for communicating studio closures, class changes due to weather conditions, trainer unavailability, or facility changes. When creating banner content, it's important to communicate the reasons behind your decisions.

  1. Finally, notifications are powerful for executing marketing strategies that drive upselling, cross-selling, and app engagement. They are perfect for promoting limited period offers, discounts, new class launches, and more. Notifications have higher open rates compared to email, making them a valuable communication tool.

In conclusion, customer engagement and upselling go hand in hand. 'Announcements' provides you with a highly effective tool to both engage and upsell your customers. If you're interested in activating this feature or learning more about how to use it, please contact your account manager.


Semi-Private bookings are finally here ⚑️

Most business owners create a single private appointment even when they are offering semi-privates due to the shortcomings of their management software.

With our latest update, Bookee has also made it possible to create semi-private appointments on your CRM and make them available for clients to book into from their accounts on your website or mobile app.

With this update, you can decide the number of slots available for your privates, set them up, make them visible on your schedule, and let your clients book into them without any extra manual work.


Arrivals : Facility check-in just got super easy!

No more:

  1. No system of checking in facility members

  2. The operational hassle of maintaining facility members

  3. Engaging a staff member in a task that can easily be automated

With Bookee's Arrival feature, you can have your facility members check in themselves.


Introducing Zapier integration! πŸ”₯

We understand that data management can be incredibly time-consuming, but is necessary for growth. But the more time you spend on data management, the less time you spend on actually growing your business.

Strange conundrum, isn’t it?

But don’t worry, because we’ve been working hard on something special.

Bookee has introduced Zapier integration.

With Zapier, you can automate data sharing between different software that your studio uses, saving you time and effort.

Setting up a Zap requires answering the following questions:

  • What apps do I want to use?

  • What event will trigger my Zap?

  • What event will my Zap perform?

  • What information do I want to move between those apps?

Accordingly, let’s see how this works based on a textbook example.

A potential client signs up for your studio’s classes but doesn’t make a purchase.

What’s the plan of action?

You assign the lead to a staff member so they develop a rapport. Here’s what it would look like while setting up a Zap:

  • What apps do I want to use?- Bookee & Slack

  • What event will trigger my Zap?- New lead captured in Bookee

  • What event will my Zap perform?- Send a message in the concerned Slack channel about the new lead capture

  • What information do I want to move between those apps? Name & date of sign up

It’s as streamlined as that!

We believe that with Zapier, you can focus on your growth strategy while all of your data management is automated.


Now Live : Bookee Managed Websites 😎

Do you know that 88% of new class bookings happen through the website?

That makes your website extremely important for the growth of your business!

This is why we have created something by which you can improve your clients' website experience and take your business to greater heights - Bookee Managed Websites

With Bookee Managed Websites, you get a powerful and flexible tool to create and manage your own website without leaving Bookee’s platform.

No more:

  1. Spending money to hire a website consultant to create a website settling for a website that doesn't convert

  2. Hassle of managing multiple platforms

  3. Figuring out website designs that suit your business

Making it a common-sense tool for all fitness businesses!

How will the Website Builder simplify your business?

This will result in no more switching platforms to manage your business.

It will also provide you with:

  1. A choice to either develop your own website if you wish to or choose from templates we have created based on best website practices for fitness businesses and customize it according to your brand style.

  2. An easy website builder that will provide a simple and intuitive way for you to create your own websites without requiring any technical knowledge or experience.

How will the Website Builder grow your business?

The website builder will offer several benefits, including:


1. Improved website performance with powerful analytics and reporting features.

2. Boosted SEO by inserting special SEO tags and easy access to other SEO settings such as the site title and keyword information.

  1. It also gives you the option of getting a custom domain.

4. Time and cost savings by creating and managing your websites without investing in additional software or services.

5. Increased engagement in a professional-looking and effective website.


Improvement in Referral Program!

We are excited to announce a new update that enhances the customer referral experience in our platform. Starting today, you can now view who referred a customer on their profile page, making it easier to track and reward referrals.

With this update, you can now see who referred a customer by hovering over their profile when they are booked in a class or appointment. This provides better visibility into the referral process and helps you identify which customers are bringing in the most business.

In addition, we have introduced a new Referral tab in the customer profile, which provides better reporting on customers who have been referred, but are yet to create an account, as well as those who have already joined. This makes it easier to track the effectiveness of your referral program and make informed decisions about how to optimize it.


Void Invoices

Has it ever happened to you that an invoice gets generated with an error and it has to be voided? And then it becomes an accounting hassle? And it takes forever for you to sort the financial mess?

We just solved this problem for you with our β€˜Void Invoice’ feature.

With this feature, you can:

  1. Easily, void an invoice that has been generated in error or has unpaid dues

  2. Retain the original invoice number for easy tracking and reference

  3. Cancel invoices individually

  4. Automatically update accounting records to reflect the voided invoices

With this, you can save time and effort, prevent errors in accounting records, prevent risk of legal consequences due to inaccurate billing, and enhance financial visibility.

How will the β€˜void invoice’ feature help your business?

  • The void invoice feature will save time and effort by streamlining the invoice voiding process

  • It will help in preventing errors in accounting records by ensuring voided invoices are properly reflected

  • It will reduce the risk of financial penalties or legal consequences of inaccurate billing

  • It will also enhance financial visibility and control by providing a clear audit trail of voided invoices


Directly access POS from Calendar⚑️

Introducing the newest addition to our CRM - POS on Calendar! Say goodbye to navigating to the POS screen while purchasing or booking a customer from the calendar, and hello to streamlined sales management.

  • With just one click, you can now access our powerful floating POS system right from your calendar, making it easier than ever to track and manage your sales. -

  • You can also effortlessly clear dues from customer profiles using the same feature!

If you're a busy business owner, this update will help you increase productivity and efficiency, giving you more time to focus on what really matters - growing your business using the power of Floating POS at your fingertips!


Branded forms πŸš€

Bookee has created a unique form builder tool that is customized to fit the needs of gyms, fitness and boutique studios, making the form-filling process easier and more efficient than ever before. With Bookee's form builder tool, businesses can design and create their own forms with ease.

What is special about Bookee forms?

  • Bookee offers a customizable form builder tool that allows gyms and fitness studios to create and design their own forms. It comes with custom branding options, allowing businesses to create a unique look and feel for their forms.

  • Users have the ability to add and modify fields such as text boxes, drop-down menus, checkboxes, and more to collect data and information to manage and organize customer data. Customizable form fields also allow businesses to gather specific information from customers, such as health information or preferences.

  • Easily sharing of forms via email. Bookee provides you with automations using which you can share the forms with customers based on in-built triggers over an email.

  • Mobile-responsive design ensures that customers can complete forms on any device, including smartphones and tablets.

Why are Bookee forms good for your business?

  • Forms save time for both businesses and customers by automating the form-filling process.

  • They will reduce errors and inconsistencies in data collection and organization.

  • They will help in improving customer satisfaction by providing a seamless and easy-to-use form experience.

  • And, they will enhance professionalism and credibility of businesses by providing customized and branded forms.


Keep track of key metrics with our new features!

Well, we've got some great news for you! We just launched new customer analytics that's going to change the game for you.

This will help you keep track of -

  • How many new people are signing up, has there been an increase or decrease in sign ups over a certain period?

  • How are your intro offer or trial offers performing over a period of time?

  • and how many times people are visiting your studio.

  • Understand how popular your classes are, and whether you need to add more classes or make changes to your scheduling to better meet the demand by class occupancy % or fill rate.

  • Understand how reliable your clients are in attending classes, which can inform how you handle class reservations and waitlists with no show %.

  • Understand how flexible your clients are, and whether you need to revise your cancellation policy to better accommodate them with cancellation %.

By keeping track of this information, you'll be able to make smarter decisions that will help you grow your business. You'll be able to see if people are coming back to your studio a lot or just once, so you can make adjustments to keep them coming back..

Click here for customer analytics and click here for event analytics.